If you are considering purchasing a golden retriever for your family, you should consider the English cream golden retriever. This is a unique breed that has a much lighter coat when compared to standard goldens. Keep reading to learn more about this beautiful dog.


Golden retrievers are known to be a favorite for a family dog, and this includes the English cream golden. They are loyal to every member of their family and love everyone the same. They still may choose a favorite person, however, as many dogs do. 

English cream golden retrievers are obedient dogs, so they do well inside a family home. They are also loving and sweet, which is one of the main reasons they are great family dogs. Plan for your dog to join you in your family activities and take your dog everywhere with you that you can. Not only will your dog enjoy this, but people will enjoy seeing this beautiful golden breed. 


As with all dogs, it is important to ensure your English cream golden retriever gets enough exercise. Fortunately, they enjoy doing many activities. They love to swim in a pool or a lake. They also enjoy running and playing outside.  Having a fenced-in yard is the perfect place for them to be outside safely. This breed is not hyperactive, but they still need to burn off energy. If not, they may cause problems in your home. Plan to take your golden for a walk at least once a day. 

You should also consider taking your dog to a trainer. This not only provides them with more exercise but helps them with socialization skills. Learning skills will also help make them an even better dog for you and your family. 

Caring for an English Cream Golden Retriever

You should be aware that golden retrievers shed a lot, so you need to brush them a few times per week. Purchase a brush that removes hair from their undercoat as well. This will cut down on how much hair you get on your clothing and furniture. 

You also have to learn about hot spots, which are small sores that appear on the skin. This is a common problem with goldens especially if you live in a hot climate. There is medication you can purchase at a pet store that is made for this so make sure you have it on hand. If not treated, the hot spot will get larger and require a trip to the veterinarian. Take your golden to a groomer when their fur becomes too long. The groomer can also clean their ears and trim their nails for you. 

Look for an English cream golden retriever puppy at a breeder, as well as dog rescues in your area.