If you are purchasing a new horse, there are many things you need to purchase to get things ready for them. One of these things is a horse saddle. There are different types of saddles you can choose from, two of which are listed below. 

Western Saddle

If you plan to ride your horse for long periods of time, you should consider purchasing a western saddle. Cattle ranchers and cowboys often use these saddles. Even for someone that is riding their horse for pleasure, a western saddle is more secure and comfortable for you. Because of this, a western saddle works well even for a beginner rider. 

The western saddle has a seat, cantle, horn, stirrups, swells, and a "tree" that is used to determine the shape of the bars. The saddle is often made with rawhide that is coated with a special type of varnish to protect the rawhide from damage due to rain, cold, and more. The core of the horn is often made of metal which is durable but can make the saddle heavy.   

The seat has rubber or foam to make it comfortable and provide you with more support. You will find the seats come in different thicknesses so make sure you choose something that feels comfortable for you. 

General Purpose Saddle

If you are a beginner rider or someone that has not been riding for a long time, a general purpose saddle will work well for you. These saddles have a flap that helps you with jumps, hacks, or dressage. These flaps also protect your legs while you are riding and jumping. 

These saddles are made of oiled leather and are very soft with a lot of foam in the seating. The general purpose saddle features knee blocks that help support your legs while you are riding. These saddles also help you balance well on your horse. This can help make you feel more secure while you are riding. These saddles are sturdy and durable and will hold up well for you for a long time if you take proper care of your saddle. 

You will find these saddles are less expensive than other types. Schools often use these when teaching riders different types of jumps. These saddles come on a variety of sizes so make sure you purchase one that fits you well.  

A saddler can help you purchase the right saddle. This person can help you measure your horse correctly, so you purchase a saddle that is comfortable not only for you but for your horse.