If you have decided that a horse will make a nice addition to your ranch, having a barn and a corral for the horse to utilize are your main priorities, but you will also need English tack so that you can train and ride your new pet. If you are purchasing a horse that has been barely broken in, it will take time to get used to saddling up the horse and teaching the animal how to follow your lead.

What Is English Tack?

English tack includes all of the components that are used for steering and riding purposes, including a saddle, stirrups, reins, a saddle blanket, and a bridle. A pet store owner who supplies a product line for farm animals may sell a variety of tack equipment, which can be adjusted. It won't hurt to learn about various tack pieces and how to use them, but you should wait until your new pet is settled in at your home, prior to purchasing specific pieces.

Some equipment may be better suited for larger or taller horses. You will be able to acquire a setup that will work best for you and your pet by having your horse on hand so that you can take its measurements.

When Will Tack Be Used?

Your horse will not need to wear a saddle and a bridle at all times, especially if the amount of riding that you plan on doing will be limited and you would like to acclimate your pet to its new living quarters first. On a day that your horse is going to be spending time in the corral, you can gear up your pet and tether them to an immobile object. Make sure that a saddle blanket is always placed across your pet's back, prior to securing the saddle over it.

The saddle blanket will prevent shock and prevent heat buildup. It will also aid in keeping the saddle clean. During the initial session that your horse will be saddled up, pet your horse and speak in a soft voice. Use a brush to comb your pet's fur and allow plenty of time for them to get used to the bridle and saddle, prior to trying to get on your horse.

Another exercise that will help your pet learn to obey is to lead them around the corral. Use a lead rope when performing this task, and if your pet seems skittish or if you are apprehensive about moving onto the next phase, which includes climbing into the saddle, seek assistance from a horse trainer.