Many people choose to allow their dog into their bed at night. While there's nothing wrong with this arrangement if you and your dog both enjoy it, it's important for dogs to have their own beds too. Here are four reasons you should purchase a dog bed for your pet.

1. Dogs need their own space.

Like people, dogs sometimes want to retreat to an area that's all their own. Living in your home, your dog may sometimes feel like there's no space that truly belongs to them. A dog bed can give your dog a feeling of personal space, especially if you enclose it in a kennel. Some people react negatively to the idea of a dog kennel because they think it's a cage, but you can leave the door open. In the wild, dogs and their ancestors traditionally lived in dens, so enclosed spaces can make your pet feel more at home. Just remember to purchase a bed that's big enough for your dog. Large breeds will benefit from an extra large dog bed.

2. Dogs can get joint pain too.

Joint pain is something that can affect any dog, but it's more prevalent in large breeds. Over time, walking and sitting on hard surfaces can give your dog pain, especially if they suffer from conditions like hip dysplasia. A cushioned dog bed will help relieve some of the pressure on your dog's joints, making them more comfortable while they lounge and sleep.

3. The floor can be cold.

Unless you have carpets, the floor can get very cold in winter. If you've ever gotten out of bed without socks and got a shock when you stepped on the cold tile, you know exactly how unpleasant that can be. Your dog's belly and paws are sensitive, and lying on a cold floor isn't comfortable. A dog bed will provide a buffer between your dog and the elements, giving them a warm and cozy place where they can relax. If you want to provide added warmth for your dog, consider placing a few blankets and toys on their dog bed.

4. Your dog may want to be near you.

If your bed is the only bed available to your dog, they may not utilize it when they want to nap during the day. This is because dogs are social creatures that usually want to be near their families. Buy a dog bed and place it in the living room near where your family typically congregates. That will allow your dog to comfortably lounge near the people they love the most.

If you have a large-breed pet, consider buying extra-large dog beds for them.