Raising a high-quality show dog can be a real challenge for many people and may cause some unique difficulties. For example, people walking by your home may see your show dog and give her attention that you don't like at all. In fact, you're worried that somebody might want to steal your dog.

This frustrating situation is one that affects many pet owners every year. Thankfully, you can take the step of adding a high-quality personalized dog collar to your pup to protect them. These collars provide many benefits that go beyond simple decoration. 

Pet Thieves Steal Many Dogs Every Year

It may be hard to imagine, but there are people who steal dogs for a living and sell them to others at a high cost. These dog thieves typically focus on attractive, friendly, and well-behaved dogs, as these pups are almost always in high demand. Unfortunately, a good show dog like your pup typically possesses many of these traits and is, likely, very trusting of strangers as a result.

And thieves are particularly prone to stealing show dogs because they know that they are not only attractive and friendly but well bred. Therefore, there could be a chance that somebody walking by your yard and seemingly innocently commenting on your pup could be a potential dog thief. Thankfully, personalized dog collars can help with this problem.

Personalized Dog Collars Can Help

A personalized dog collar is a great choice for your show dog because it creates a unique style that will be hard to miss. Amateur thieves who simply steal the dog without removing the collar can be easily thwarted by an eye-catching and unforgettable personalized dog collar. However, more advanced thieves may know to remove the collar or throw it away.

However, personalized dog collars often come with the option to "chip" the dog or to insert a small computer chip under their skin. This chip will track the dog using satellite surveillance and can even identify the dog when it is scanned. In this way, if your dog is stolen, they can be easily tracked down and identified as yours with a simple scan.

Even better, a personalized dog collar often works as a deterrent to would-be thieves. Dog thieves who regularly kidnap innocent pups may have experience with these types of collars in the past and figure that it is best to leave the dog alone and look for one who doesn't have a personalized collar.