Many pet owners have heard that cannabis and hemp products can be useful for pain, seizures, and other medical conditions that can arise in pets. Of course, most people feel some anxiety when dealing with the prospect of an illegal drug, or because pets are often poisoned by marijuana products intended for humans. If you still have your doubts, you should read this guide on why you can skip marijuana and choose hemp, which isn't anything to worry about.


The leading chemical responsible for hallucinations, psychological changes, and the urge to eat are due to THC, a chemical found in marijuana. This chemical can be dangerous for dogs in high doses, which is part of the reason why it's dangerous for dogs to consume marijuana.

If you're interested in hemp for your dog, you'll be glad to know that this plant contains no hallucinogenics and no THC of any kind. It won't get your dog high, so you don't have to worry about that.

No Cannabis

Cannabis for dogs can be helpful, but it's not ideal for everyone. Whether you're nervous about the idea of giving your dog an illegal drug or you don't want to risk exposing him to THC, rest assured that hemp isn't the same thing as marijuana.

Hemp is a relative of marijuana plants, but it's not the exact same thing. It's kind of like how some poppies are just pretty flowers, while only certain strains can be turned into dangerous drugs. As such, you don't need to give your dog marijuana. However, hemp still contains CBD, the main chemical that scientists believe to be useful for treating things like pain and seizures, so your dog can still get benefits without endangering his health.


Finally, hemp is legal in most areas because of its lack of THC content. While you should check your local laws to be safe, hemp is considered to be so neutral that it's often shipped throughout the country without any issues. If marijuana isn't yet legal in your area or you're concerned about the federal regulations that still outlaw it, your dog can benefit from hemp instead without getting you in trouble.

Hemp is one of the longest-standing cultivated crops that humans have ever used, and it can be utilized in a wide variety of ways, including in pet medicine. If your dog is struggling with pain, seizures, inflammation or another problem, talk to your vet to find out if hemp could be helpful to them.