When you bring home a new puppy or kitten, there are three major areas of concern that you will want to know about so you can be sure you are providing your new pet with everything they need. Here is information on the three major areas of concern you want to be aware of so you can have a happy, healthy pet:


Your one major concern will be regarding the health of your pet. The first thing to do is take them to the vet to have them examined and to get them their shots. While you are there, ask the vet which types of food they feel would be best for your puppy or kitten. It was once thought that high-quality puppy and kitten food was fine, then it was said that grain-free food was best. Now, some vets are starting to think those grain-free foods may not be the best choice for all dogs and cats. You'll want to take your vet's advice on which type of food they feel your pet would do best with. You should also talk to your vet about giving your puppy or kitten supplements to help ensure they are getting everything they need for optimal nutrition. Companies like C&E Agri Products can also offer more information about natural supplements for your pet.


Safety is the next major concern to have with regards to your puppy or kitten. One thing to realize is that even if you have a fenced-in backyard, you may not want to leave your puppy out there for long periods of time -- even if they have shelter and water. The reason for this is that they may dig out under the fence; or, if you live in a region with large birds of prey or other predators, and your puppy is small, then it may be at risk of being carried off by one of these predators. You may want to consider making your kitten an indoor kitten, period; indoor kittens have longer lifespans because they don't face the same dangers that outside cats do.

Comfort and love

Your puppy or kitten also needs to be kept comfortable and feel loved in order to have a good life. If you know you are going to be leaving your pet alone for good lengths of time, even if this won't happen until it is older, then you may want to consider getting two if you are able to do so; this way, they won't be left feeling lonely for hours at a time. You also want to train your pet to be well-behaved, so people want to have it near them and love on it, instead of running from it once it becomes an unruly pet.